COVID-19 Information

To all our Sound Bites Families,

We are writing to reassure you all that at Sound Bites, we are taking the Covid-19 situation seriously and are keeping abreast of the current health and community recommendations.  We are aiming to continue to give your family the best care we can during this time, but are also focussed on keeping everyone safe, especially our more vulnerable little people.

To do this, Sound Bites has implemented a number of strategies:

  1. We are offering everyone the option of having on-line sessions (we can set you up on the Zoom platform). This way you can have your session from the isolation of your own home, if you are choosing to socially isolate.  You may also choose to start having some on-line sessions, in order for you and your child to be more familiar with the process, should social isolation be enforced in the near future.

2.  At Sound Bites, we already have systems in place where all of our toys are wiped between each session, and are regularly washed with soapy water.  Our clinicians have hand-sanitiser in their cars and bags and always use this before and each session. The equipment and surfaces in our therapy rooms are wiped before and after each session.

3. At this time, I have taken all of the toys out of the waiting room area to limit the chance of cross-infection.

Please make sure your child has washed their hands before a session, has learnt to cough into their elbow (if possible) and your surfaces have been cleaned prior to the session starting.

There is a social story available here, to help explain the current situation to your child

Our friends at Two Way Street have also set up an AAC chat board to help children who use alternative communication to talk about and understand Corona virus. Please let your therapist know if you would like a copy of this to help with your child.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns about your therapy sessions.

Thanks for your time, 

Alison, Brianna, Rhianna and Janie

How to join a Zoom remote clinical session on a laptop or desktop.

How to join a Zoom remote clinical session on a laptop or desktopon an iPad or smartphone.