COVID-19 Response 2022

We would like to reassure you that Sound Bites has taken a number of measures to ensure your child’s safety including:

  • All our staff are triple vaccinated
  • We have access to N95 masks to use if you would like to ensure that there will be no transmission of the virus to your child during sessions
  • We have access to clear masks for use in situations where the child needs to see the clinician’s face
  • Use of increased ventilation in the clinic rooms (windows open, air purifyers running)
  • Toys and surfaces are washed in-between each session

If you do prefer to utilise our on-line zoom sessions, then please let your clinician know. We have developed a number of tools in the past 2 years to ensure that these sessions are still beneficial to your child.

Please find instructional videos for Zoom sessions at the bottom of this page.

If you would like to discuss anything further regarding this, then please ring the clinic number (0481777657) to speak to your clinician or the manager.

There is a social story available here, to help explain the current situation to your child

Our friends at Two Way Street have also set up an AAC chat board to help children who use alternative communication to talk about and understand Corona virus. Please let your therapist know if you would like a copy of this to help with your child.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns about your therapy sessions.

Thanks for your time, 

Alison, Rhianna, Brianna, Janie, Tara and Lisa

How to join a Zoom remote clinical session on a laptop or desktop.

How to join a Zoom remote clinical session on a laptop or desktopon an iPad or smartphone.